Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Scatter, The Elvis' Monkey

Elvis - Scatter and Patti Parry

In the early 60s Elvis took on problematic member of the Memphis Mafia a 40 pound chimpanzee called Scatter from the owner who performed on a Memphis children's show. Although trained for the act and living with Elvis was another thing. Scatter was just not use to being caged to travel across country and when released would play havoc with the ladies. Attacking maids at hotels. As much of a terror as Scatter was he was also capable of behaving like a gentleman, Alan Fortes used to love for a drive in the Rolls Royce and buying him little suits and try to teach him how to drive.

After Scatter had bitten several of the Memphis Mafia member and no one was able to put him back into his cage Elvis decided have a face to face with the chimp. Elvis looked Scatter in the eye and trying to keep a straight face, and yelled, "You coconut head you'd better get downstairs in your cage, And you'd better not bite anybody anymore you hear" With his hand folded in front of him Scatter slowly walked down the stairs marched to the basement and into his cage. Elvis fell on the floor laughing.

Elvis would wait until the den was filled with girls and everyone was real comfortable then yell, "Okay boys let him out" At about four foot tall Scatter loved the girls. Alan had taught Scatter to look up the girls dresses

On that night Pat Parry was a guest and she didn't know about Scatter who made a b-line for her. His arms waving and screaming and trying to look up her dress. She told him to stop. But Scatter was determined to get his way with Pat. She told Scatter "You do that one more time and I'm going to knock the hell out of you" Well naturally Scatter did it again. And Pat got on her knees and hit the Chimp under his chin. Scatter did a back flip and landed on the couch - dazed. He looked at in disbelief and ended up with a bump on his head the size of the golf ball. Elvis Pets

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